Export Policy

Customer represents and warrants that it shall not sell, dispose of, license, rent, transfer, disclose, or otherwise provide any hardware, software, and/or technical information provided by PHI to any party intending or likely to apply or to have a third party use the products for the purposes or activities to disturb international peace and security, including design, development, production, stockpile, or any use of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missiles to deliver any such weapons, and any other military purposes or activities, or any use supporting these weapons activities. In case of customer’s provision of the products to the purchaser, it shall contract with the purchaser not to use the products for the purposes or activities above. Customer shall not directly or indirectly export, re-export, or transship the products in violation of any applicable export control laws and regulations promulgated and administered by the governments of the countries claiming jurisdiction over the parties or transactions.